Doggone gRoom N' board Co.

We offer full-range grooming and boarding of all dogs and cats. From the fanciest of show dogs to your local pound puppy, we will make sure they not only look their best, but are treated with the upmost care while in our facility.

  • Boarding with indoor/outdoor runs.
  • Playtime in our large play areas (rotating with other guests or together with other family members).
  • Grooming/nail clipping (we do no cage drying here, all dried by hand).
  • Need meds? Not a problem (nominal fee may apply).
  • Weekend drop-off/pickup available with fee.
  • Unique home-like facility with only eight kennels allows your pet lots of love, petting and treats.
Our grooming process takes longer than most, why? It's only me, your pet gets to know me, I focus on quality time and appearance, rather than quantity. Believing that your pet's spa treatment should be truly that. One on One, slow if they stress, patience is key. Plenty of rest especially for puppies and seniors. Again I air dry as long as possible with hand drying for finish (this takes longer but give a fluffier and more comfortable drying for your friend). I do on average 4-6 pups a day, allowing more time for both my guests staying and a more pleasant unrushed, caring and detailed groom.

I am a certified groomer with 8 months of 8hr days grooming instruction by certified international instructor who has 30 plus years in showing, grooming and boarding. I graduated in 2005 and have very good reputation with our local vets and have clients as far off as Maryland, who come when in town.

To protect our guests, we require the following vaccines for Cats and Dogs: Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus). Please be ready to provide certification of vaccination from your veterinarian prior to the time of your visit or check-in.

Please start Flea and Tick prevention at home (i.e. Frontline)- We do regular flea maintenance, however fleas are always looking for hosts, so do your part and protect your pet. We do charge for Flea bathing at the owners expense before your pet can be checked into the kennel if they are found to have fleas when they arrive!

We are certified by the veterinary division in Raleigh. Our inspection is available for your viewing: click here. We are also overseen by local veterinarian Dr. Arnold at Harmony Heights in Yadkinville.

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