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Hello, my name is Debbie Kepley and this is the short story of how I became a professional dog groomer.

After 20 years of work in the corporate world and raising two children, I was suddenly surprised to find I would now add to our family a set of twins. This gift made me rethink my life. I wanted to feel satisfaction and accomplishment after a days work. I left my job, spent time raising my boys and searched my heart for a more rewarding career path. Being the owner of cockers, breeder and owner of AKC poodles and miniature schnauzers, I came to realize from what others had told me that I had a real natural talent for grooming. I could look at a picture and recreate that look in my pets. Seeing as I have always had a strong love for all animals, it dawned on me--I should open a grooming and boarding parlor. Not only could I love and play with more pets, I could finally make a career of my artistic talent and training.

I did know, however, that I needed formal training to perfect my talent and gain knowledge of every breed and their specific needs. I researched schools and decided to go with Groomingdales Intl School in Winston-Salem, NC. I would learn to groom some of the rarest breeds--anything from handstripping a Sealyham to the tedious brushing and precise bathing techniques a Tibetan Terrier requires. I would gain this knowledge from an instructor who spent her life in the show ring earning herself a wall full of awards. Not to mention that she boasts some of the most prestigious clientel in Winston-Salem. I can never thank Charmaine enough for her guidance and abundance of knowledge that she passed to me. She has been and still is an invaluable teacher whom I'm now glad to call friend.

Of course since opening my shop I have taught myself many things and have begun to come into my own as a groomer. Many of my clients have remarked that I am the only one who can make their dog not only behave during the grooming, the dog seems better looking and happier than it ever has before. Since opening my doors I am pleased to say that things are moving along at a faster rate than I ever imagined. I hope to meet you and your pet friends very soon!

I also wanted to add that we have an employee of 4 years Kathy McCann . Kathy is invaluable to me, she has the same love and devotion that I have for the animals. She lives in Yadkinville NC, married to Lanny McCann. They boast one human son Shannon and one furry son Kobe and the grandmother of 2 sweet girls. While away from Doggone, Kathy likes to go camping. She spends much of her time helping others with her loving guidance. Kobe especially loves the birthday cakes and yummy all natural treats his mom makes. Kathy is just one of those employees that takes pride and ownership in our business and I can leave and never think twice that she is not putting the guests first and foremost.

We also have new part timer McKenna Pendry. She was recommended by her Aunt and has enjoyed her Summer working here. McKenna would like to be a dog trainer, specifically drug dogs and has a way of connecting with our guests. We look forward to her continued work here until it's time for her to go it on her own.

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